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documentation and awesome support. This plugin has really taken the burden away from creating various complex deals in WooCommerce. But three methods are absolutely essential. Now you cant magically improve your product images overnight, but you can certainly kill it with the other two tactics in just a few minutes! Not all plugins play well together and that ended up being the main issue, plus a couple of Deals had settings I needed to fix. This is my code: / single Product Page options "options_on_single_product function options_on_single_product dp_product_id get_the_ID product_url get_permalink(dp_product_id? I haven't found a single free plugin that holds a candle to this and it really seems like the developers are 'in it' for the long haul.

And dont forget to implement our Take My Sales Through The Roof tactics! div class"percentage" div class"inside" div class"inside-text"?php available_variations maximumper 0; for (i 0; i count(available_variations i) variable_product1 new WC_Product_Variation( variation_id regular_price variable_product1 - regular_price; sales_price variable_product1 - sale_price; percentage round( ( regular_price - sales_price ) / regular_price ) * 100 1) ; if (percentage. We were stumped in how to set up a rule to 'save X each when you buy Y or more and even though we submitted a support ticket late on a Friday, we had an answer the next day and further clarification a day later. input type"radio" name"custom_options" checked"checked" value"option1" option1 br / input type"radio" name"custom_options" value"option2" option2?php /Store the custom field add_filter( 10, 2 function cart_item_meta, product_id ) global woocommerce; cart_item_meta'custom_options' _post'custom_options return cart_item_meta; And this is what I have tried: add_action( 'add_custom_price. Strategy #3: Offer Multiple Credit Coupons With One Product More the merrier! Comprehensive Store Credit system customers can bon de reduction go sport magasin maintain, top-up and purchase from their fund balance. /div /div /div!- end bubble -?php endif;? Smart Coupons can handle thousands of coupons. They can choose one option from these two options. They are really great! Sprintf( s 'woocommerce' maximumper.