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of the Mediterranean, on the shores of the Hellespont, the Bosporus and the Black Sea. In the following year Count Sponneck left Greece, and the attention of the nation was concentrated on the affairs of Crete. The terms agreed to by the powers were rejected by Rhalles; the chamber, however, refused him a vote of confidence and King George summoned Zaimes to power (October 3). And it was a policy which found advocates when the day for it was past (see Aristophanes, Lysistrata, 574.;. It is to the results of archaeological research during the last thirty years that we must attribute so startling a change in the attitude of historical science towards this problem. The import duty on these was thereupon raised from 6 francs to 15 francs per loo kilos, and was further increased in 1894 to 25 francs. On the other hand, easyflyer code reduction carte visited there are Callisthenes, Onesicritus and Cleitarchus, whose tendency is rhetorical. It consists of a red cap with dark blue tassel, a white shirt with wide sleeves, a vest and jacket, sometimes of velvet, handsomely adorned with gold or black braid, a belt in which various weapons are carried. By a law of 27 November 1899, Greece, which had hitherto been divided into sixteen departments (v6/ioi) was redivided into twentysix departments, as follows: Departments. The king attains his majority on completing his eighteenth year; before ascending the throne he must take the oath to the constitution in presence of the principal ecclesiastical and lay dignitaries of the kingdom, and must convoke the Chamber within two months after his accession. A privileged company was formed which obtained a charter from the government for twenty years, during which period the retention and export duties are maintained at the fixed rates of 20 and 15 respectively.

Munro the evidence becomes that of a contemporary, and the authority of the poems for the distribution of races and tribes in the Heroic Age, as well as for the social and political conditions of the poet's time, would be conclusive. In the Greek dialects the great distinction is that between the Doric and the rest. Greek literature was no longer synonymous with epic poetry. Though this number was exceeded in a few cases, it is doubtful if any state, except Athens, ever counted more than 20,000 citizens.

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In the most distant regions the Ionian is first in the field. Herodotus is influenced partly by the traditions current among the oligarchs, who had been the chief sufferers, and partly by the odious associations which had gathered round tyranny in Asia Minor. The code promo hm ou mettre Great, Age (480-338.C.). The loss of population was partly the result of war and stasis Isocrates speaks of the number of political exiles from the various states as enormous 2 but it was also due to a declining birth-rate, and to the exposure of infants. Led to a revolt in 727 which, however, was easily crushed by the imperial fleet; a similar movement in 823, when the Greeks sent 350 ships to aid a pretender, met with the same fate. In the Homeric system monarchy is the sole form of government; but it is monarchy already well on the way to being transformed into oligarchy. In the East Hellenism came in the train of the conqueror, and Rome was content to build upon the foundations laid by Alexander.